Brant Houston President, Mercury Insurance


Amy Stanley Vice President, Travelers


Annette Martinez Secretary, AIG


Juli Hyde Treasurer, Farmers Insurance




Daniel Frome Director, Liberty Mutual Insurance


Victor Uribe Director, Bristol West


Kimberly Meguiar  Director, Allstate




Next meeting:  TBD


About Us


Following the late 70’s when insurance carriers, primarily property and casualty companies, gave birth to their own in-house investigation units, enough interest was generated to form the National Association of Special Investigation Units in the early 80’s. It didn’t take long for the notion that networking with other investigators could enhance insurance fraud and arson investigations, as well as operations.


Like other areas of the country, the investigative units, known by a number of names, but eventually settling on “Special Investigation Units” (SIU’s), individual members of the Florida SIU's began to meet with each other at other industry-related meetings. It was not long before SIU’s operating in centralized areas began informal meetings, such as lunches, where individuals unofficially representing various SIU’s met to network and pass on information of interest.


So, in the early 90s, these unofficial and informal meetings became regular events with meetings at the original Red Lobster Restaurant in Lakeland, FL, attended by members of SIU’s from Orlando to St Petersburg across the I-4 corridor. At the same time, through membership and annual seminars of the now “International” Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU), interest was generated in forming Chapters of the IASIU, and in Florida, simultaneous efforts were initiated to form chapters in both Central and South Florida.


The leadership of the “informal” group meeting in Lakeland, FL drafted “formal” Bylaws, applied for Chapter status under IASIU, and established a non-profit corporation which was filed for the “chapter” by the chapter advisor, attorney Guy E. (Sandy) Burnette. The corporate charter was filed in March of 1994. The IASIU Chapter Charter was received in April 1994. The Central Florida Chapter was among the first of many chartered across the country.


At the first meeting following the receipt of the charter, the monthly meeting of the Chapter was held at the old Waco Willie’s restaurant in Lakeland, only to find that the restaurant had been closed by the authorities. The meeting was held in the parking lot with the building’s air conditioner unit used as the impromptu podium. Ken Keebler, representing USAA, was elected the first President and was re-elected in January 1994 to a full year, then re-elected in 1995.


Over the years, regular meetings have continued on a monthly schedule, at locations in Lakeland, Plant City, St. Petersburg, and more recently Tampa, FL. We now meet quarterly in Tampa.

We’re working on an in-person meeting and education class early in October, and our annual Toys for Tots event is on December 7th, so keep your eyes open for updates. If you have not yet updated your dues for 2022, you can easily do so on www.iasiu.org!






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About Us

This website is a joint effort by the chapters of the Florida IASIU to be a repository for meeting and membership information as well as news and job listings.